6CATS employs some of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the international contractor management sector. 

Our management team has over 100 years experience, knowledge and expertise in managing the compliance aspects of placing contract workers worldwide.

Our wealth of market intelligence and established international presence has enabled us to build an extensive network of accountants, lawyers and in-country experts to ensure that our compliance knowledge is always up-to-date and we have the ability to be aware of legislation changes and adapt our contractor management solutions to accommodate compliance and legislative requirements.

6CATS is the expert supplier of contractor management solutions to the world’s leading recruitment businesses and we are now delighted to launch our new product, 6CATSPRO

6CATSPRO offers recruitment businesses access to a wide portfolio of compliance consulting products.


We understand that some recruitment businesses want to manage some aspects of contractor compliance in-house, need assistance developing compliance processes or need compliance training to be provided to various teams within their businesses.

Working with more than 260 recruitment agencies placing contractors internationally, 6CATS has recognised a gap in the market to provide comprehensive, honest, up-to-date and non-biased compliance services enabling recruitment businesses to manage the compliance process within their business and gain transparency on compliance issues, 6CATSPRO

In the last few years, we have had first-hand experience of how quickly the landscape of compliance legislation management is changing for the recruitment industry. 

For example, we experienced the Limosa introduction in Belgium, then the changes in the UK with IR35 and travel and subsistence expenses.  More recently, we have seen radical legislation change in Germany, which has completely changed the way recruitment agencies can operate legally; plus, movement in a similar direction from Netherlands and Austria.   We anticipate this is just the start and that many more countries will shift towards employed models or more controlled engagement options, as part of tax authorities’ worldwide push, to prevent tax evasion.

There is also now significant additional risk, since the introduction of the Criminal Finances Act (CFA 2017), which holds directors and owners of UK companies criminally liable for facilitating tax evasion, anywhere in the world, knowingly or not.

We understand it can be difficult for recruitment agencies to keep up-to-date with compliance legislation changes and to ensure compliance is maintained throughout their businesses.

International compliance expertise is a niche skill, the option of engaging lawyers and accountants for advice often results in spiralling costs, and no clear picture of what is actually workable from a commercial compliance perspective.  With the introduction of 6CATSPRO, we are able to offer commercial, practical and industry specific advice and support to the recruitment industry.

6CATSPRO Services & Benefits

6CATSPRO was soft launched in August 2018.  A number of recruitment businesses have already benefitted from using our services. 

6CATSPRO Services

  • Ad-hoc compliance consulting – advice on new territories, compliance requirements, compliance legislation, compliance issues.
  • Compliance workshops and training – general compliance, country specific, bespoke for business requirements.
  • Existing contractor compliance risk assessment audit – high level audit to understand any compliance risk with your recruitment business
  • In depth contractor compliance health checks
  • Supplier Due Diligence pack and process – supplier due diligence document template, process for managing communication, reviewing and monitoring compliance
  • Supplier Compliance questionnaire templates – general and country specific templates
  • Development of in-house compliance process
  • Contract templates and other compliance documentation
  • Company formation services – Germany & Netherlands

6CATSPRO Benefits

  • Access to practical compliance advice and information, supported by 6CATS’ network of accountants and lawyers
  • Direct access to the 6CATS’ compliance team
  • Clear in-house compliance processes
  • Greater visibility of compliance within your business
  • Greater compliance control within your business
  • Robust supplier due diligence control to demonstrate awareness of CFA 2017
  • Compliance support provided by an established UK audited company
  • Completely impartial advice based on many years of experience, up to date market intelligence and data

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